#065 – Movie Hint: Designing Woman [1957]

I’m so in love with old movies
-there’s just something about them… The Feeling. I could watch them over and over again and never get bored of them -and that’s something I can’t say very often about the newest movies.
Today I’ll be watching this old movie called Designing Woman” whitch is a 1957 romantic comedy about fashion and it’s starred by Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck and Dolores Gray. And here’s the plot (‘stealed’ from Wikipedia):
“While on vacation, sports reporter Mike Hagen (Gregory Peck) meets fashion designer Marilla Brown (Lauren Bacall). The two instantly bond and quickly get married, only to realize they have little in common. Mike is a sports fan and poker enthusiast with working-class friends. Marilla designs clothes for a wide array of artistic personalities. Their friends clash memorably one Wednesday night when his Poker Club and her Drama Society both convene at Marilla’s apartment.
Marilla becomes suspicious of Mike after she finds a photograph of Lori Shannon (Dolores Gray), Mike’s former girlfriend. Mike tries to hide his former relationship, but fails miserably. Complicating matters even further is Mike’s continuing series of exposés of the activities of crooked boxing promoter Martin Daylor (Edward Platt). 
Mike’s life is in danger, but he hides that from his wife too. What results is a series of misunderstandings and mishaps.”

And let’s talk a little bit about the style… The designer behind of Bacall’s dozens of gowns and dresses is Helen Rose and she has said that “Lauren Bacall has a perfect figure for clothes and a genuine feeling for them”.  Bacall has about thirty changes throughout the movie and Designing Woman was
 a perfect occasion for Helen Rose to show her tremendous range, great style and skills. And even the original concept for the film reportedly came from Helen Rose.
Psst… If you want to watch this movie but you can’t find it anywhere, I would love to send it to you through e-mail! : — )

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  1. May 12, 2014 / 1:08 PM

    Kiitos kommentistasi! : — ) Sanoppa! Entisaikojen filmeissä oli mielestäni sitä jotakin -harva nykyaikana tehty leffa tuntuu samalta kuin vanhemmat. Ja jos et löyrä tätä käsiisi, niin ota viimeinen lauseeni postauksesta oljenkorreksesi ; — )

  2. May 12, 2014 / 1:08 PM

    Kuulostaapa hyvältä elokuvalta, pitää etsiä käsiini jostain!
    Ja huomaa kyllä, kuinka uudet elokuvat käyttävät vanhojen elementtejä uudestaan ja uudestaan, kuinkahan monta tämänkaltaista elokuvaa onkaan tehty 2000-luvulla?

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