#130 – “I am beautiful with you Even in the darkest parts of me”

“But the way that you see me
You get underneath me
And all my defenses just fall away
Fall away
I stand naked before you now
No walls to hide behind
So here I am you see all of my scars
Still here you are
I bare my soul and I’m not afraid
Not afraid
I am beautiful with you
Even in the darkest parts of me
I am beautiful with you
You make it feel the way it’s supposed to be
You’re here with me

Hey there loves! This day is all about love.

And I consider myself one of the lucky one’s: I have an honour to have my amazing loved ones in my life  –my immediate family, my own family and my friends. Although I’m grateful to call them all my family because families are forever and it has nothing to do with the blood bonds only.
Every single day, I am amazed by these people and this, Bradley Trevor Greive’s writing, captures some of my thoughts  about my loved ones. The chosen few who know all about me and who I know all about. The ones who have and will always be there no matter what. So, this is for you my dear loved ones:

“For those who believed in me
when I no longer believed in myself. 

For those who swept the darkness from my face with a smile. 

For those who exchanged my burdens for
their heartfelt joy and never sought a better bargain. 

For those whose love and laughter gave me wings and a blue sky. 

For those I cannot thank enough in this lifetime or the next.

For my friends.”

[From: Pinterest, but modified by me]

And for me, it’s an honour to have you here with me. Don’t never forget that! So a hearty thank you for being here and a thousands of virtual hugs! This is a really special place for me and I hope that this can be a place where you feel like you’re staying over at a friend’s.

I hope you guys have the same priviledge to have the loved ones in your life. The ones who understands your past, believes in your dreams and accepts you just the way you are. Remember to be amazed by them year-round! I’m wishing you a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!♡

See you guys later on!

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